If your SIM card gets banned

Nigeria is known for focusing on the wrong things and carefully avoiding situations that need tending; it’s almost like the politicians are ostriches.

With the way they treat problems by stuffing their heads in buckets, if I can’t see you, you can’t see me.

Which explains why early this week, numerous sim cards were banned from making calls since NIN was not linked.

It begs the question that, if they can do this much havoc and know who is linked and who is not, the country isn’t incompetent, so why can’t terrorists be tracked.

I’m not even going to let Nigeria get to me; if your line was barred, here are a few ways to reach your friends and family.

1. Appear in their respective rooms, or get Benins friend to help you. You didn’t hear that from here.

2. Send a bird: I don’t know the price of birds but I bet they will be hiked now that we don’t have means of communicating.

3. Write a letter: Very postmodern, very thoughtful. They will appreciate this, I assure you.

4. Call their name three times in the mirror, they’ll appear, and it’ll be like face time.

You can do any of these or leave them a message on WhatsApp. Dare to be spontaneous today!



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