EPL to favour two more subs starting from next season

As Club football action is set to resume over the weekend, the news of changes made to players substitution format has undoubtedly intrigued football lovers in the EPL, safe for club sides who might be nettled by the fact that this changes might suit various clubs differently depending on squad depths.

After the COVID-19 post lockdown, some leagues have maintained the five players substitution format. Even UEFA has favoured this format up till now, but after the shareholders meeting which was held in England yesterday, it appears the new rule will now be fully implemented in league matches starting form next season.

Of course, this is quite a fine piece of news, but it is one that has been greeted with a lot of misgivings and mixed reactions from football fans across the country. The believe is that this sort of change will favour the top guns in the EPL. Clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and co boast an impressive squad depth compared to many others in the league and it’s only natural to think that this changes might be detrimental to the smaller teams in the league.

The consequences of these changes might be clear cut, but then again nothing is determined_and the fact that there are no “small teams” in the EPL means everyone gets a go at what’s to come next season.

The fans might have their reservations, which is expected, but perhaps the new substitution rule isn’t worth making a meal out of after all.

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