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Buy the dip’ ‘buy the dip’ now the dip don dey dip.

Haew God!

Nigerian elders who think everyone behind electronic devices is up to no good have probably offered one of their own as a sacrifice to the gods so they can show youths shege because tell me what n heavens name is going on?!

Even me with my 500 naira investment is devasted it has turned to 15 naira, one meal of pounded yam gone? Ah godCryptocurrencies seemed to be synchronised with stocks, which have been falling since the beginning of the year and recently experienced their worst week since March 2020.

It all seems like mumbo jumbo to me but here’s what I can grasp for the sake of my sanity and hardearned money;

Stock: bamboo saysthe market and Netflix did a number on us. The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished down 4.6% last week and if you think that’s bad, the S&P 500 fell 5.7% and the Nasdaq composite dropped 7.6%. The Nasdaq is now 14% down from the all-time high it hit back in November.

Essentially ehn the market is bad, very bad.

Crypto: Naira metrics say At the start of the year, the cryptocurrency market capitalization stood at approximately $2.25 trillion with Bitcoin trading at $47,833 per coin as at the time, according to Trading View. Today, just four weeks into the new year, we have the cryptocurrency market capitalization at approximately $1.58 trillion, losing approximately $670 billion in market capitalization. This means the market is down by approximately 30% from the start

of the year.


The Koko; Everybody eye don read.


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