Lifestyle: Latest couple in town

If Davido and Wizkid can get together, there is no reason why I cannot be with Ryan destiny.

Wizdodo, As I will be calling them from now, have resolved their longstanding beef, I’m a fucking clown on god, the two unsuspecting lovebirds have been coldshouldering each other on social media for quite a long time now.

Anyhow, at a Lagos night club (Quilox) on Friday, David was seen approaching Ayo and they in fact hugged, then went on to engage in a little tête-à-tête. So cute.

The tape shows Machala locking arms with OBO in an embrace, Ayo speaking softly in David’s ear as they publicly displayed affection. Davido was seen happily swaying his colleague whilst the moment fans held their breathe over for so long took place.

Come to think of it, this seems to be Davido’s year of breaking generational yoke. At least prophecies are coming true for someone. If I recall correctly; he and Ebun -the self-proclaimed Giant of Africa, overhauled their disparities at the ending of the year 2021.

Wizkid Fc and 30BG gang, I hope, can now stop rivalling their faves, as it would be counter-productive now.
Wizdodo is the muse we didn’t know we needed to remind us that truly, love is possible, shoot your shot today. You may not get tomorrow

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