5 Perfect items to Gift a Travel enthusiast this season

The season we all relish is finally here, and just so you might be thinking of how to put someone in the mood, here are a few items to gift a tourist or travel enthusiast;

1. Globe light: This is similar to the regular bedside lamp, but in this case it’s a globe lamp with all the continents and countries of the world getting luminated. Lol.

2. Map watch: If the wanderluster in question has a thing for wristwatches, then a map watch might just be all you need to get for them to keep a grin on their faces.

3. Custom Travel journal: Most tourists and wanderlusters are travel writers who pen down most of their experiences. So, getting that person a custom travel journal won’t be a bad idea.

4. Packing cubes: Personally, if I’m gifted these beauties, I’ll practically worship the ground you walk on. You don’t know how much stress tourists undergo when struggling to pack for trips. Now, this is where the packing cubes strolls in. It helps travelers pack easily, locate items asap and on top of that, it’s equally great for separating clothes.

5. Luggage Scale: If you travel via airlines frequently, then you must have come across weight limits. There is a certain Kg of baggage alloted to passengers  by various airlines. However, most times we don’t even know if we’ve overapacked. But then again that’s where this portable luggage scale comes in. It helps you check for your luggage weight and saves you the stress of paying extra fees when traveling. Gift me this, and I’ll hug you for 10 minutes straight.

So, there you have it. Any of these would most certainly tittilate a travel enthusiast because they know how much it would make their trip seamless.

P.S: Remember, if they do not fancy tourism or travels, these gifts might not sit well with them.


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