Surprising facts about sex you might not know

1.The G-spot exists…. Unless

G-spot according to google is said to be a sensitive area believed to exist in the anterior wall of the vagina and to be highly erogenous. While some deny its existence entirely, the G-spot exists—and touching it the right way really can increase sexual pleasure and make orgasms more intense.

2.More thrusting does not equal more fun

During intense sex, stop the thrusting, hold your body still and enjoy the sensations that had been camouflaged by the intensity of the thrusting.

3.Women get erections too

Clitoris gets an erection too, of course not like the penis but it does get firmer and stiffer when a woman is sexually aroused. This erection can happen due to other reasons too but sexual arousal is its main stimuli.

4. About 75 percent of women don’t orgasm from “regular” sex

Women thought that they were alone or unusual for not being able to cum from sex alone, so they didn’t say anything about it. Because no-one talked about it, no-one knew how common it was, and a culture of silence around orgasms was forged.

You can try; foreplay, after play or a vibrator

5. Sex doesn’t have to include an orgasm;

Sex is an art, a process, orgasms are the product, learn to enjoy the process and not just waiting around for the product

6. The pullout method really doesn’t work

7. You can break a penis

8. Sexting can improve your relationship

9. Lube may just be the secret to mind blowing sex

10. Sex shouldn’t hurt.


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