How to steal a meat from the pot without getting caught

Now before you begin this trying task, I want to let you know that many have embarked on this journey and have fallen by the roadside because they lack commitment and the sheer will to achieve perfection.

These steps are tested be trusted and if followed carefully , I can boldly assure you of twice your meat ration.

1. Do it when everyone is asleep or there are lesser people in the house.  This way you have track of who is around/awake and you ears are peeled to the sound of their footsteps.

2. Make sure the meat is not hot, on the instance that you get caught we don’t want a scenario where you try to eat the whole meat and your tongue gets burned in the process.

3. Don’t look back while the meat is stuck between your teeth else you risk pepper splashing into your eyes and that my dear friends is the fall of many great soldiers.

I hope you are able to make the right decision with these few points of ours.

Piece by: Kofoworola Odozi. 


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