Osun festival: The Osun goddess got pleased

The annual Osun festival was held in the ancient city of Osogbo yesterday, and Gleetz magazine’s Kayode Adegunloye was on ground to keep you in the loop. The festival which started about two weeks ago hit it’s climax yesterday and countless legs were in attendance.

Notable figures around the country as well as foreigners and tourists alike all gathered at the famous Osun grove to observe the cultural and religious festival.

Well, no plenty talks today, below are a few pictures and take aways from the festival to tickle your fancy.

• It’s a festival that is recognized worldwide, evident in the decent number of white tourists that attended

• It’s done annually to revere, worship and also ask from the  Òsun goddess

• You can’t clad in black overall while attending, especially when you wish to get to Òsun river.

• The Arugba (pot carrier) carries all the troubles of the town and turns them into the river. And while going, she must not fall, else calamity befalls the land.

• She must be a young lady who is still very chaste. This particular one has been carrying this pot since she was 9. Now she’s 16.


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