Being an Ajebo

Life is tough being a Nigerian, it is especially tougher when the universe decides not to bless you with the money that everyone thinks you have.

This post is for people who suffer from the ajebo syndrome, regardless of what you say or do people are always certain that you are;
1. Dangote and Folorunsho Alakija’s love child
2. Child of a close friend of the president
3. Mark zukerburg

With these bizarre assumptions, there are a few phrases you get tired of hearing.

1.When you complain about being broke,  they say “ahah just call mummy and Daddy”. Aspa my parents are into blood money and don’t have retentive memory.

2. When you hear the price of something and complain
“But this is chicken change for you”. As your new finance manager naw, that’s why they have the audacity to say such.

3. The worst is when you decide to be benevolent and pay something for them.
Is like they have swear for these ones.

4. When you go out to eat together and decide not to pay for them. That’s when thy realize how hungry and broke they are. Boya you should roll up your sleeves and start washing plate.

5. When you buy something for yourself or take yourself out “God when”?. Alaye, please be specific, is it death you are asking for?

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