Nike’s Osogbo art gallery: The culture of antiquity and aesthetics

Apparently you all would have heard of the Nike art gallery, owned by the renowned mama Nike Okundaye. She has edifices that houses beautiful art pieces scattered around Nigeria.

Albeit the art house in Lagos happens to be the most popular one, but there are also some others in Abuja, Kogi and even the baby one in Osogbo in Osun State.

The Osogbo art house might not be as humongous or elegant as the other ones, but trust me it doesn’t lack beauty and aesthetics. One of the most beautiful things at the Nike art gallery in Osogbo is the structure itself. An anitiquated storey building with a touch of quality, exuding finesse and pleasure.

And even though there were a few rules like no use of cameras and touching of the art pieces, it still didn’t stop me from exploring the beauty of the artworks in the gallery. Asides art pieces, other items in the gallery include well made adire fabrics, paintings, neck pieces of all sorts and lots more.

I couldn’t take pictures of the interior because I was forced to tuck my phones into my bag, but trust me I took the exterior which is equally as loveable as the interior just for your viewing pleasure, and I also visited the Nike Batik gallery where all the Adire fabrics were being made with the use of wax, cotton materials and other things.

Everything for your viewing pleasure, see more pictures after the cut.

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