It’s Buhari, for me

It’s buhari, for me

Let me tell you a personal story; a while back I changed my profile picture to a man holding a placard that read “bubu is a detty bitch and he’s living a fake life”.

To cut the long story short, my mom called me and told me to take it down, it’s not godly.

Now, to the gist of today;
# “Youths arrested in Abuja church over Buhari-Must-Go shirt”

It’s the double standards for me, I thought we all wanted buhari to go, so why this? At Dunamis gospel Church Headquarters in Lugbe, youths have been arrested for wearing Buhari-must-go T-shirts to a Sunday service.

While it may be a vice to plant mind of the government against the church, because church officials say they were unaware of the protest.

Members of the church say; “They even came out for the altar call and before you know it, we saw that they had Buhari-must-go T-shirts and they were recording people, making it seem as if the church planned the protest”.

So while the arrest was necessary, the theme of the protest, is hopefully truthful and the start of a revolution.

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