Best treat for dads on father’s day

When you think of your father, what comes to mind?

Father’s day is around the corner so hopefully that question will yield a pretty enough picture.

If it doesn’t, well we don’t know anymore….


Here are some fun things you could try on father’s day;

1. Words of affirmation: 

Have you ever tried telling your father you love him,we don’t recommend it but try it, you may receive a grunt in response or a side ways glance because you are a beggy beggy.

But make that man smile today.

2. Buy him gifts: 

You may not know what he likes if you guys aren’t exactly close but you could go light on it with a card or maybe a pack of drinks you see him drinking or just a nice shirt.

3. Spend time with him:

You can easily do this by asking him to tell you about his day at work or his life as a child, even if it’s a story you’ve heard a dozen times, nod and smile like it’s the first.

If you try any of these we would like to know how it went




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