Challenges of driving a tinted car in Nigeria

Car tinting has overtime been a guise that many car owners have drifted towards. However, while giving your car a tint could be a good idea, it also has some disadvantages.

In this piece, we take a look at the pros, but mostly cons of giving your car a tint. Tinting your car windows will block some of the UV rays that are responsible for fading of the vehicle’s leather seats. Tick that as a plus, cos It’s a great investment that will help keep your vehicle’s interior in good shape. It also somewhat beautifies your car from the exterior point of view, giving it huge appeal, while also prevention the sun from irritating you.

But, that’s not to say that tinting of cars doesn’t have its own challenges. Below are some of the major disadvantages of tinting your cars;

1. You become more cautious while night-driving:

Driving at night itself is huge work. Although could be fun atimes, but it takes extra care to drive unsacthe, especially when you’re cruising in a tinted car. It’s crazy enough that you might even have to roll down the windows to make turns.

2. The Police would always be your company:

This is common knowledge though. The Police would always flag you down to check your tint permit whenever they see you driving in a tinted car. And if you fail to produce one, then you might have to part with some reasonable amount of cash.

3. People see you as a womanizer or a rogue:

Now, this doesn’t even make much sense. But it is what it is. People, especially ladies easily tag guys who drive tinted vehicles womanizers. Some even go as far as calling them shady dudes. But what if the driver happens to be a woman, Does that make her a “manizer”?

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