Take responsibilities by the horn

It is absolutely essential you take responsibility for your life if you wish to attain any level of success. The average among us tend to complain and blame everyone and anything as the reason they are not where they want to be. But the successful, who may have had a tougher road, choose to brave the storm.

So, after stating the foregoing I’ll highlight a few tips that would help in building you into someone who stays put to their responsibilities, no matter how humongous they might seem;

1. Be responsible:

I’m crystal sure this would sound a bit off the hook, yeah?. But the truth is that for you to be able to start up something, you need to see yourself being that exact thing. For instance, If you dream of becoming a lawyer, you need to start seeing yourself as a lawyer, this one no be aspire to perspire whatever. It is what it is! No one becomes a lawyer while playing around.
So, to be responsible, you need to start becoming answerable for acts performed, not minding the consequences.

2. Have the belief:

Personally, if there’s one word I hate. Then it’s pessimism. In whatever you’re getting into, you need an ample quantity of optimism. For you to become a leader in whatever capacity, people need to see the aura of responsibility around you. It is only then can you be entrusted with responsibilities. So, believing in yourself that you can take up those responsibilities means you’re halfway there.

3. Lead by example:

A German proverb says, “When you walk your talk, people listen.” In other words, if you take responsibility for excellence, chances are that the people around you will also take responsibility and practice excellence. Simply put, your coworkers or subordinates won’t take responsibility for excellence until they see you demanding excellence from yourself and everybody else.

Only then will they see that the guise is more than a hyped-up, flavor-of-the-month buzz word or training class. Rather, excellence is something that mature people, effective entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and parents take seriously.

4. Be committed to excellence:

Commitment is undoubtedly a powerful tool. The good thing about it is that it affects every other person around you, Positively though. Provided they are of like mind and on the same page with you. It all begins with making a decision and saying, “This is what I’m going to do. Lack of responsibility will do you no good at all, it will only enable succeed in shying away from your desired goal without knowing it.

5. Recompense responsibility:

When people take responsibility for excellence, they typically do it for a reason. Maybe the work makes them feel good, helps them master a skill, or move ahead in their career. But there’s always a reason. In this case, if you’re working to achieve a set goal or goals with a group of persons, it is imperative to dish out confidence sharpening words that would boost their morale. Don’t hoard such words cos you want to be shrewd.

Just so you know, one of the main reasons people take responsibility is because they want to receive praise. So give it to them.

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