5 Things you should never do to a guy

I know most people might find this a bit overboard, Trust me it really isn’t. I partly concede to it but on a more lighter mood some of them could just be spot on as it is. It could differ depending on the individual in question or the kind of relationship between the doer and the ‘doee’ of the act. However for the purpose of this succinct delivery, below are some of the things you shouldn’t dare do to a guy.

1. Never make a dude feel lowly: This one takes the number one spot and if anything about the sentence is to go by, then it’s quite self explanatory enough to know that the individual in question is a man (no matter how young) and as such should be given some manly treat. They say guys are naturally narccists, but the truth is a man would never cease to be one, simply put, and the act of making that dude feel lowly will never be warmly accepted.

2. Don’t lie to a guy: Of course I know this would raise eye brows and make the keyboard warriors amongst the lady folks swing to work. Well, to be fair we guys are sometimes guilty of this act even though some claim they only belie when they feel it’s the only escape route for them. Perhaps we can start doing little things that won’t necessitate we lie. Back to the discourse, as a lady it’s not expected of you to lie to a guy, especially when the guy happens to be your man.

3. Never gulp a man’s last drink: Till now this poses to be the funniest of what you should never do to a guy, especially a grown dude. It doesn’t have to be a Spanish wine or a bottle of pina coloda, so long it’s a bottle that contains a cherished drink, it will be fine to stay away from the refrigerator once you find out it’s the last one lying sweaty in there. Although, it isn’t overly applicable to every guy you come across but there’s a reason why we coined the sentence “never drink a man’s last drink”

4. Try not to use the words ‘we need to talk’: Now, ladies love and use this words pretty well, if only they know what runs through our minds when they choose to deploy the clause when they feel there’s something to be talked about.

For the records, this could simply mean two major things. It could mean such guy has done something wrong and could just be in some deep shit or it could simply mean she’s planning on dumping your sorry ass. Whichever one it is, ladies…please try to adopt some other subtle words that can form a synonym. We don’t like theWE NEED TO TALK tone, That phrase scares the hell out of us.

5. Stop the hissing spree: We could ideally draw the curtain with this. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I personally think ladies are naturally adroit when it comes to hissing, perhaps a hissing competition should be staged someday. That’s on a loco note by the way.

Dear ladies, not too many dudes like the vibration of your hiss, we know you often do it when you’re pissed. But hey! Try something else nau, you can’t just keep hissing everytime o. We don’t like it!

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