The crypto highs and lows

Sometimes I wonder if Bill Gates and Elon Musk know they are in a tussle for world’s richest.

Well, recently Elon musk fell short as he lost a lot of money to the significant drop in the price of btc. While this news is not carried heavily the same way news about the increment in the cost of BTC is, it is safe to say that for people tech heads this is the perfect time to purchase bitcoins.

To the rest of us who have been lost in the cycle, may the Lord keep us safe.

Bitcoins which have dropped by 11 percent in the last 24 hours. For us who do not fully grasp the concept of crypto purchasing BTC, ethereum, XRP and the likes at their falling state is the best way to secure the value of your wealth because while naira falls frequently, these coins don’t as often and if you aren’t too much of the risk taker you can revert your coins back to money so you don’t have such a high blood pressure on the event it falls.

So while Elon and Bill battle for their positions, you can secure small space by purchasing a few BTCs.

You’re welcome.


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