Millenials vs Gen Z

Here’s what you need to know about the millennials VS Gen Z war going on Twitter.

While it has been absolutely thrilling to watch the back and forth going on between these two generations you may want to clarify your generation before you laugh at an insult meant for you.

Baby boomer – 1946 till 1964

Gen x – 1965 till 1980

Millennials (Gen Y) – 1981 till 1996

Gen Z – 1997 till 2015

Gen Z have proven to be a very rude generation and millennials are trying to prove to them that as AG would say ‘I propagated the movement you see’.

But you see in my opinion we are all supposed to gather our ‘insort’ for Baby boomers and Gen X, those ones with never ending back pain and love for watching news with thier eyes closed.

As you would expect, following the banter was a few of them telling us we should use our energy for youth empowerment.

Kilagbe kilaju?

Anyway, if you are a millennials who engaged in the war I salute your bravery, because Gen Z warriors do usually bring knives to a pillow fight.




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