Hozier or Hossiah

A 6ft man with blonde long hair and lungs of power recently has been turning the hearts of many.

And I just couldn’t help but wonder, Jesus is that you?

Andrew John Hozier-Byrne, known professionally as Hozier, is an Irish singer-songwriter and musician. Hozier’s music primarily draws from folk, soul and blues genres, often using religious and literary themes in his work.

In recent times his song ‘take me to church’ has been causing a lot of ruckus because of how wonderfully well he carries his listener along with his word play and and melodious voice.

He sounds like mix of Southern music, soul and r&b and may just be suitable for all ears.

What you can do to try out in this goodness is download one of his album’s, I recommend Hozier and plug in with ORIGINAL earpiece.

And enjoy.



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