Designers or not, you can be stylish if you want

Overtime, the hanker has been about doning designer wears. The crave could simply be because people are raving about a certain design, or perhaps because celebrities and fashionistas alike are wearing the designs to our faces while we flinch _ well, the social media and the hype has helped their cases in that regard.

Meanwhile, the whole idea is that you should also get yourself a Burberry shirt, and Off White pants or that super expensive Chanel bag you saw at the store the other day. But one sweet thing you do not know is that you probably don’t even need those designer shit to start with. Perhaps you just need less showy, yet classy and stylish wears. Yeah! You read that right, and I’ll gist you further on how to stay stylish without necessarily breaking your wallet to get designer wears or even those counterfeit ones just to feel among. The truth is that if it’s fake, then it’s fake! And that means you’re not even among. So, to save yourself the stress and still look dapper with less, here are the few things you could do;

1. Get some nice pair of jeans and pants: This is for both male and female folks. Trust me, once you’re sure to have some Jeans and pants in your locker, your trouser game is easily 75% tight.

2. Your wardrobe needs some vintage wears: Just like the spanish wines, your locker needs a few vintage tops to age gracefully. Vintage tops are/will always be a yes! Though a certain design, but not like the rest of them. It’s organic!

3. Don’t always go for designer kicks: Now this is where most people fumble. If you don’t know, know this today. The moment you step out of your comfort zone, the first thing people spot on you is your footwear, now why should you wear a fake designer kick when you can easily get a good leg that won’t cost much, and still look expensive? Think about it.

4. Up your slides game: Slides are usually a joy to wear. Easy, comfy and less tacky. Most times, they come in designers but pretty much affordable. All you need do is get a decent looking slide that exactly fits your leg and you’re good. Don’t goan buy oversized ones o. It’s true might not wear it to that summit, or Church gathering, but trust me, it would always bode well for your casual outings.


5. Get hold of plain T-shirts or statements ones: Okay, one sweet thing about plain T shirts is that you don’t have to worry about anything, just wash it and wear it _ No design worries whatsoever, but if you want to kee them all, then get a statement wear.

Oh lurd! You haf just ‘kee-led’ them. The grin on people’s faces when they read the inscriptions on your shirt is worth more than hundreds of designer wears, and it won’t even cost you much fortune. You can talk to @Twøw_casuals on IG if you need help on that.

So you see, easy does it. Try and close in on these top five, and once you’re done I’ll share some more. Till then, always know that you don’t need to break a bank or sweat it simply cos of a designer wear. You can look good and even gooder with less money. It’s all about how stylish and flexible you can be with your clothings.

P.s: All images solely for illustration purposes.

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