What exactly happened to Werner?

Months ago, Chelsea snapped up a certain Timo Werner from the noses of several top clubs across Europe. The young marksman was one of the finest finishers at the time and he seamlessly took the German bundesliga by storm. The German kept scoring goals for fun, while also assisting his teammates on regular basis. His goal contribution stats was so enticing that he got his name etched alongside the likes of Ronaldo, Lewandowski and Messi. That was how good he was at the time.

Werner in Liepzig colours

Fast forward to recent times, and it appears as though the young lad has lost his shooting boots. When he joined Chelsea over the summer transfer window alongside countryman Havertz, The blue side of london began relishing what destruction awaits teams in the English premier league, but sadly, both starlets haven’t lived up to expectations. If anything at all, Werner has bagged just four goals in as many EPL matches. A return that easily belies his prowess and pedigree.

Now, the question is…What happened to turbo Werner? Yes! Turbo. He got the nick because of his swiftness, clinical finishes and all round contribution whenever he steps on the turf. But you can scratch that at the moment, I take it back _ because he’s nothing but a shadow of his former self that stole the headlines while at Liepzig.

Werner and Havertz

As a consequence of his decline, Some quarters feel Frank Lampard is to blame for his loss of form, others think the demands of the English premier league is to blame for his patchy form. Damnly, some even think he isn’t that much of a good player. Well, whatever it is, it’s not looking good for the German striker at the moment and his form is fast becoming a head scratcher.

In conclusion, what do you think has happened to Timo Werner? It’s true that Super frankie was a decent player in his days, but decent players don’t transcend into decent coaches. So, would it be fair to lump the whole blame on Lampard or could it just be a normal dip in form for the former Liepzig man? Or perhaps it’s the demands of the English premier league taking it’s toll on the former bundesliga ace.
Kindly Drop your submissions in the comment box below and let’s have a swell time discussing this, after all the football weekend is almost upon us.

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