The red devils are doing flames

It’s so funny how things can flip on their head so fast. Perhaps it’s why they call it life drama.

So, Manchester United have managed to crawl their way back to the summit of the English Premier league after playing their outstanding match against Burnley, a feat they haven’t pulled up in a very long time. Personally, I’m not happy about it, considering the fact that I pitch my tent with a rival club in Chelsea football club. But beef asides, I think they’ve done enough to earn themselves that enviable spot.

Source: Manchester United 

But the question on everyone’s lips is “for how long”? There’s no denying that the Old Trafford outfit have been stringing a couple of decent results in recent times, and with Bruno snaking passes up and down, It’s looking so beautiful for them, but should the credit go to him, or Ole? or could it possibly be that the players are just beginning to gel altogether? Well, whatever it is, it’s shaping up well for the red devils at the moment. Their long fork appears to be chopping on all heads and it’s soft on the eyes.

Now, let’s delve into the main discourse itself. As a football fan who understands the ideals and is well grounded in the fraternity, Some questions are begging for answers and let’s just say I thought it through and felt why not ask. So first of…

• Do you think Manchester United would do enough to win the EPL trophy?

• What could be the reason for the recent run of good results for them?

• Is Solksjaer really instrumental to this good form, or is it about Bruno Fernandes?


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