We all just want to cash out like Mariah Carey


As at 16 days ago, “All I want for Christmas” sang by Mariah Carey in 1994 topped billboard’s chart as number 1.

Someday I would like to ask Mariah how she feels every December, knowing she made the best decision of her life when recording that song.

Since it’s release, Mariah had watched her baby (the song) do wonders and unlike all other remakes and revisions of things, it’s counterparts were hits just like the original.

One thing that’ll baffle you the most about this oil mine that Mariah struck is that it was recorded in August.

Mariah Carey

As in not Christmas or even December.

Maybe I should start setting my Christmas spirit from January 2021, maybe I’ll hit a jackpot?

Another thing is that at that time she was reluctant to record it. I couldn’t blame her, I am genuinely surprised people go out of thier way to listen to Christmas songs on Christmas.

I thought that only happened in movies.

While the song may have been played a billion times, it was written under 15 minutes. Also, it was co-written with Walter Afanaseiff.

I’m not too surprised, but the song has a movie. With the animated character being Mariah herself.

What in the name of Christmas miracles, she just keeps hitting one pile of money after another.

The same song has been number 1 in four different decades since it’s release.

All I want for Christmas is for Mariah to do giveaway.

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