Maximize Your Youthful Age

Youth is wasted on the young
-George Bernard Shaw-

What is it about being a “youth” that every person loops themselves into this category without any second thought?
The answer to that question is in the definition of the very term “youth.” Wikipedia defines youth as the appearance of freshness, vigor and spirit.

People want to thrive in the belief they are not losing parts of themselves by “becoming old” and thus throw around the word youthful when describing themselves or rather when describing a person matured in age.

One thing people disregard is that “youthfulness” comes with its own pile of responsibilities and a system society has conditioned these youths to live by. Most times because of these ever-increasing lists of values, youths forget to be embraced in their state, therefore breeding individuals who would like to do away with their ageing self.

The youth lifestyle is one so ferociously sort after because, truth be told that is where you frame the remaining parts of your life and a slip up in your youth may follow you to your grave. So, the pressure to do this, this way or that way is sometimes to the betterment of youths but most of the time they are just things the older generations wish they did.

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So, when they tell you these “words on marble” don’t disregard but don’t let them solely control because you will in no time become like them and proceed to have your own “words on marble”

You get?

It’s easy to get lost in trying to do you and trying to please them. So don’t!. Every youth, in order to truly enjoy their youth should do as their hearts wish. Don’t let the stereotypical youth lifestyle lead you to your own demise. In this stage of life, you are finding yourself and finding people to, people who will make you or mar you.

Mistakes are terrible, fun and a teaching time but most of the time, bad. Very bad. In order to avoid wasting your youth on countless mistakes and throw around “oh I have time” You may want to realize that after this period all you may be filled with is ‘what if.’

A ‘what if’ life is not really the best.

So let us show these “not youths” that youthfulness is not wasted on the young. Rather embraced and unfolded into the various patterns of our life.

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