Amazing Holiday Locations in Nigeria

Tourism they say is a way of life, a pattern that makes life easier than it could ever be imagined. However, tourism has overtime been seen in a different light by most people, especially Nigerians. While some see it as an avenue to unwind and get rest, others see it as a sheer waste of time and resources. But while the former is very correct, the latter is far from the truth.

Tourism is an act that involves moving from one’s usual terrain or immediate environment to a new terrain for the purpose of relaxation, work, leisure, academics and so many other reasons including medical reasons. A weird definition you’d say, but it suffices owing to the different kinds of tourism we have.

However, for the purpose of this discourse, we would be looking at some amazing holiday locations in Nigeria for locals and visitors from the leisure and relaxation perspective. Nigeria is blessed with so many locations but will be limiting this piece to just four as we can not exhaust all in a piece.

These perfect sites have been carefully selected and put together because of the beauty, serenity, ambience, and fun that abounds therein. And since a holidays are meant to leave enjoyable moments these sites are just quite perfect. Below are some of your surest shots for that;

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort:

Located between green tropical forest, beside the freshwater lagoon and amazing sandy beach along the Atlantic Ocean, The La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort is undoubtedly a perfect and exotic spot for a romantic honeymoon in the Lagos metropolis. Therein is a healthy club, commonly known as a spa. It’s a place where one can relax with one’s spouse and sop up the beauty of the scenery. One can spend the day hiking, fishing, and engage in water sports or even take a stroll while holding hands. For a quiet and romantic retreat with a spouse, visit La Champagne Tropicana Beach Resort.

La Campagne 3
Credit: La Campagne Website
Credit: La Campagne Website
Credit: La Campagne Website

Obudu Mountain Resort:

Obudu mountain resort also moniker with Obudu cattle ranch, synonymous for its beautiful ranch, is located in Calabar, Cross River state in Nigeria. It is a beautiful terrain that is relatively perfect for a vacation for family vacations and honeymoon. Obudu resort boasts eye-catching sights such as hiking, golfing, and horseback riding. In addition to the aforementioned, the touristic site is also beautified by the presence of hut-like chalets where visitors relax and perhaps enjoy the delicious cuisines served them in this place.

Credit: Obudu Mountain Resort
Credit: Obudu Mountain Resort

The Whispering Palms Resort:

This is another perfect spot for fun seekers who intend to get away from the noise and have quiet moments together. The whispering palms are located in Badagry, Lagos state and it’s renowned for its beauty and class. Considering the palms, beachfront, zoo, and artistic sceneries, you’re sure to have a blast with at this beautiful resort site.

Credit: HotelsNg

Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort:

Ikogosi warm spring is located in the small town of Ikogosi in Ekiti state. It is one of the most beautiful and natural tourist attraction sites in Nigeria. Blessed with a natural warm spring that flows to suit visitors, as well as beautiful chalets in the form of a lodge where visitors could spend the night and still have a homely feeling.

Credit: ComeToNigeria
Credit: HotelsNg

At Ikogosi warm spring, your eyes are assured the blessing of beautiful views which includes amazing landscape, beautiful rocks, and the meeting point of the warm and cold spring. If you need a serene spot with tour spouse, Ikogosi warm spring is a yes!


Oluwakayode Adegunloye is a graduate of English and currently a Master’s Degree student in Tourism Development Studies at the University of Ibadan. He has a huge knack for creative writing, content development, poetry and tourism.

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