1. Dear Sir, I was really happy when I heard the news of your recovery because I prayed for you. I also saw the video where you were talking to your friends that #COVID19 is nothing serious when you were in isolation, that is what a true leader will do so as not to cause panic among the citizens.

2. Even though we all know that the pandemic is serious and should be handled as one, that is why I commend your prompt action in finding another General that will lead the State in a war against #COVID19 sir. How can I forget your efforts that brought about the mass production of facemasks for the good people of Ondo State, great one Sir. Sir, I am also aware that some days, you go around town yourself to make sure people are compliant with wearing their Face masks and obeying the curfew, you’re doing well sir, just to mention a few.

3. Your Excellency sir, your approach towards this pandemic is not strong enough and you made some missteps that can still be corrected to save the lives of the good citizens of Ondo State;
a. When I suggested total lock down when we still had like 10 cases, I wish you had acted upon it then and introduced “Ka Jeun Aketi” but you implementing that idea few weeks ago is like medicine after death sir.
b. You are not treating the health workers right sir and that is not too good sir! Sacking of health workers in the State recently is another wrong move sir, not in a time like this.
c. General Hospitals are not well equipped, no PPE for health workers, people that are the frontliners in this war!
d. 7pm to 7am curfew among other policies like stating market days looks like a child’s play sir.
e. Copying the approach of Oyo State Government while you can just adopt that of the proactive Ekiti State Government in your fight against #COVID19. Just to mention a few.

4. No doubt Ondo State will hit 600 cases this week and we may have 1500 cases few weeks from here if you don’t do the needful sir.
Here are my suggestions;
a. Employ Doctors and Nurses, but I’ll suggest that the first thing to do is to absorb all the RN and RM from School of Nursing, UNIMED that are willing to work into State Civil Service (HMB precisely).
b. I’ll suggest you use Force to make sure people comply with the stipulated days for opening markets.
c. If I suggest Total lockdown now, of course I know you wouldn’t agree to that; so I’ll suggest Total Lockdown after APC and PDP primary elections for at least 1 week sir.
d. Ekiti had their first index case before Ondo and they don’t even have up to 50 cases now, here we are close to 500. I’ll suggest you discuss with your friend at Ekiti and let him share ideas with you on how he has been able to manage the pandemic.

5. I will keep engaging your aides and write you letters when it is necessary. I’m of the opinion that had it been you are a Doctor, you may have handled this pandemic differently. But then, I listened to one of your conversations with a king in Ondo State and I noticed through that audio that Human Lives matters to you too and you truly care, that gives me assurance that you’ll do the right thing sir.

6. Lastly, accept my condolences for losing one of your commissioners at a critical time like this, I really hope you will compensate the hardworking, dutiful and intelligent Wife with SSA in due time because I feel she deserves it.

7. Thank you. God bless Ondo State and heal our land, Amen.

Gbenga Adene writes from Akure, Ondo State.
#GbengaAdene #sayyourmind

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