“I Pass Meaningful Messages With My Songs” – Dollypeeh

The Gleetz Magazine crew had an exclusive interview with Dolly Pee, in the interview he dwelled on his kind of songs. The all rounder singer took us through some of the project he has in the pipeline.

Give us an insight on what genre of music you do?
I basically do contemporary highlife music and Afro-pop but I’m quite flexible to do some other genre like RnB, dancehall, Fuji and so on.
How did you find yourself on this artistic lane?
I’ve loved singing right from childhood. I could recollect vividly I started trying to sing when I was 8 years old. Then in the children’s choir in church and at 16 I started recording songs.
There are several musical acts in the country, who can you highlight as your model in the Nigerian music industry?
I listen to virtually all of them because I love Nigerian sounds but the likes of King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer obey, Flavour Nabania,and Timi Dakolo takes a special place.
What kind of message can you say your music dishes out to the audience?
My kind of music is primarily to tell a story and pass a message with it to inspire my listeners positively. However, entertaining my audience is key to me as well.
There are several other artistes out there, what sets you apart from every other musical act?
My dexterity, versatility, and the fact that I’m a conscious musician, I don’t sing anyhow, I pass meaningful messages with my songs depending on what I’m singing about.
Do you have any songs in the works that your fans can anticipate?
I dropped a single ‘Alubarika’ a month ago and it’s trending, I’m also working on a love song and I’m dropping that real soon too.

What has been you biggest challenge on this musical path so far?
I think it’s been ‘low turnout. It’s not being easy as a growing artiste to be heard all over and get accepted due to the amount you need to throw out for promotions. The system isn’t helping the growth of so many talents like myself.
You’re fondly called “Dollypeeh” which is supposedly your stage name. How did you come about the moniker?
It’s an abbreviation from my real name ‘dolapo’, so by default, people call me ‘dollypeeh’. I just decided to add a little spice to the spelling
What plans have you put in place to ensure that the brand gets bigger than this?
Basically to keep working, making good music so people know me for me and also to keep spreading wide the fanbase.

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