Imagine If; Father’s day edition

This Father’s Day, the children decided to surprise their father by cooking his favorite meal. With high hopes and little experience, they set out to make the perfect Jollof. Unfortunately, they mistook salt for sugar and added way too much.

after that the kids decided to surprise their dad with a new set of agbada. They managed to get his measurements, but somewhere along the line, things went awry. On the big day, their father proudly donned his new outfit, only to realize it was a bit too tight in all the wrong places.

The  family planned an elaborate Father’s Day surprise involving a slideshow of old family photos, complete with music and narration. They set everything up perfectly, but just as the show was about to start, NEPA struck, and the power went out.

Then they decided to take their dad to a local football match. They decked him out in team colors and even made a banner. However, they mistakenly took him to a rival team’s match.

Determined to give their father a special day, the children decided to prepare a traditional Nigerian breakfast of akara (bean cakes) and pap (cornmeal porridge). They misjudged the recipe, and the akara turned out too hard, while the pap was too watery. Their father woke up to the sight of his kids covered in flour and oil, looking defeated but hopeful. He ate the crunchy akara and watery pap with a smile, grateful for their effort and the laughter it brought to the morning.

Father’s Day is a reminder that it’s the thought and effort that count the most.


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