Bridgerton – All You Need to Know About True Yearning (a run down of season 3 part 1)

Alright, Bridgerton fans, gather ’round. The latest season is here, and it’s juicier than ever. This time, the spotlight is on Penelope Featherington, and trust me, her story will have you glued to your screen.

Penelope, our favourite wallflower turned stunning swan, has been secretly in love with Colin Bridgerton for years. Yes, her ex-best friend’s older brother. Talk about complicated! Colin decides to help Pen find a husband because, well, three years as a spinster at 19 just won’t do in the ton. But, oh, the irony—Penelope’s glow-up this season is making heads turn, Colin’s especially, who’s even dreaming about making out with Pen while she’s trying to move on from him.

Enter Lord Deblin, the eligible bachelor who seems perfect on paper. He’s ready to offer Penelope a marriage of convenience. Sounds like a dream, right? Not for Penelope. She’s holding out for true love, despite her mother’s constant reminders that security is the real romance. And honestly, Mama Featherington might be onto something. She’s annoying, yes, but she’s also fiercely goal-oriented. Sometimes, you gotta respect the hustle.

But just when you think Penelope might settle, things heat up. Literally. She and Colin have a steamy make-out session in a carriage that will make you blush. It all goes down after Lord Deblin gets sidetracked from proposing, thanks to Cressida, who also wants Lord Deblin for herself, spilling the beans about Pen’s feelings for Colin (he was probably picturing coming home from his travels to see his children looking like Colin). And guess what? After their heated moment, Colin pops the question. Finally! I can’t wait to see Eloise, her ex-bestie, react to this news.

So, what’s the takeaway here? True yearning can be messy, scandalous, and oh-so-entertaining.

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