Wofai Fada Wedding Drama Unfolds!

If you think Nollywood plots are wild, wait till you hear about the Wofai Fada wedding wahala.

Wofai Fada, our favorite comedian-turned-bride-to-be, was , flashing that ring and making us believe in love again. But just when we thought it was all smiles and happily ever afters, boom! The Cole family, repping Victoria Island, Lagos, dropped a bomb that shook the whole industry. It was giving ojuelegba bridgerton.

Engr Kunle Cole, speaking on behalf of the fam, came out with the hot tea, saying they didn’t sign up for this wedding shenanigans. Nope, not one bit! According to them, the traditional wedding wasn’t on their agenda, and they made it clear they’re not about that union life. Apparently, Wofai is 8 years older than the 30 year old taiwo and taiwo has a 7 year old son.

But guess what? Wofai Fada wasn’t about to let some family drama rain on her parade. Oh no, sis came back swinging with an Instagram post that said, “Love over everything!” You go, girl!

And just when we thought we’d seen it all, social media went into overdrive! From “What a mess” to “Team Wofai”


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