The Fear Of Afrobeat IS NOT The Beginning Of Wisdom


The weird way African-read Nigerian, artists treat Afrobeat like a side chick.

Afrobeat has been the standpoint from which every Nigerian artist realises their core as an artist. Every song was released in 2022 and before that, every single we have performed or awards we have won. What people have listened to and have been able to find themselves through is Afrobeat.


With these newer age artists trying things like po, soul, and rock, you hear the undertone of afrobeat because it is the core of our identity as people, it is what makes us stand out. 


Three notable Nigerian musicians have recently shared their concerns about the Afrobeats genre. Wizkid, a highly successful Nigerian artist, recently criticized the label of Afrobeats. In an Instagram post, he stated that his music is a unique blend of various sounds, and he doesn’t want it to be categorized under a genre that was created to group all African music into one category. According to him, Afrobeats was invented by people to put all music made in Africa into a single box, but he doesn’t relate to it.


Burna Boy, a prominent Nigerian artist, has recently shared his opinion on the substance of Afrobeats music. He believes that some Afrobeats songs lack real-life experiences and focus on trivial topics. This perspective has sparked a healthy debate among fans and fellow artists, with some agreeing and others disagreeing. While some argue that Afrobeats has positively impacted people’s lives by providing a sense of unity, others believe that there is still room for improvement. 


Fireboy shares Wizkid’s view on the Afrobeats genre. He believes that while the genre is a distinct sound in itself, it does not apply to him as an artist who creates a fusion of sounds. He does not want to be categorized under that genre and prefers to be known as an artist from Africa who creates a different sound.

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