A Break Down of ‘Men Are Crazy’

In recent news, Tiwa Savage and Simi released a jam as the larger population of Twitter was deceived into believing it was going to be. But alas, upon its release we found out that these two only led us to the river and we found that it was piss in it. 


[Intro: Simi]

Men are crazy

But I still want one in my bed o

And I still have one in my head o


Simi please, do you want one in your bed? We thought we were coming here to fight generational wars, not to profess undying love, but given Simi’s track record of releasing songs of love and rarely anger, one could say a sound like this was very much expected. It is well. 


Brother John, brother John

Cover this, man are scum

Dem talk say love e sweet, Caprisun


We knew Tiwa had little bits of ‘one of the guys’ in her and we fell for this trap these two set for us. 


You can imagine what their WhatsApp chat looked like when Twitter was blowing up lmao

Have you given it a listen? What do you think? 

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