AMVCA2024 Nominations: Fair or Not Fair

The nominees for the 24th Annual Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCAs) are out, and there are certainly a lot of well deserved nominations here. Yet, some glaring omissions leave us scratching our heads.

One such instance is Kehinde Bankole’s nomination for “Adire.” Don’t get me wrong, Bankole is a fantastic actress, but I believe her role in Sista is truly deserving of a nomination. In my opinion, her role in “Sista” stands out as one of her best to date, showcasing a depth and range of emotions that deserve recognition. I also don’t understand why “Sista” is not found in any of these nominations.

Another surprising exclusion is “Gang of Lagos.” This movie seems to have been overlooked altogether. One can’t help but wonder about the criteria behind these nominations.

Thankfully, “Jagun Jagun” received well-deserved nominations. However, I think Femi Adebayo as an actor also deserved a nomination for his role in Jagun Jagun.

Layi’s nomination is also well deserved, I will not be surprised if he won this category.

Let’s face it, after last year’s controversial omission of Kunle Remi, the AMVCAs have established a certain capacity to surprise. Here’s hoping that future ceremonies will celebrate a wider range of exceptional work from Africa’s vibrant film industry.


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