2020: The Year Of Peak Fooling

Ah, 2020, a year that seemed to be filled with its fair share of fooling, both intentional and unintentional. Let’s reminisce on some of the peak fooling moments from that unforgettable year:

Pastor Chris’ 5G and Coronavirus Connection Presentation: This one definitely takes the cake for its sheer audacity and the widespread impact it had. Pastor Chris, the founder of Christ Embassy, made headlines when he presented a slideshow supposedly linking 5G technology to the spread of the Coronavirus. Despite being widely debunked by experts, the video circulated virally, sparking conspiracy theories and panic among some communities.


Kupe Boys’ End SARS Solidarity Video: In a gesture of solidarity with the End SARS movement in Nigeria, the Kupe Boys, known for their viral dance videos, created a video where they simply stood and raised their arms in support. While their intentions were good, the simplicity of the gesture left many scratching their heads and sparked a wave of memes and parodies.


Fashola’s “Hidden” Camcorder at End SARS Protest Grounds: During a visit to the End SARS protest grounds in Nigeria, former Governor of Lagos State and Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, claimed to have discovered a “hidden” camcorder. The moment sparked speculation and skepticism, with many questioning the authenticity of the discovery and its significance in the context of the protests.


First Class Anatomy Student’s Beaded Face Mask: Amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the pandemic, creativity and innovation sometimes took unexpected forms. One memorable example was the first-class Anatomy student who made face masks out of beads, claiming they could protect against COVID-19. While their efforts were commendable, the effectiveness of such masks was highly questionable, highlighting the strange and challenging times of 2020.


Eva’s IG Live Cruise with DMW Father: Social media has always been a breeding ground for playful banter and unexpected encounters, and Eva’s Instagram Live session with DMW (Davido Music Worldwide) “father” certainly fit the bill. The interaction, filled with humor and light-heartedness, provided a welcome distraction from the year’s turmoil and reminded us of the importance of laughter and connection during difficult times.


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