The Two Things We Don’t Want To Hear Next Easter

Easter is a time for joy and celebration, but let’s agree to retire some overused wishes this year. Every Easter, we encounter familiar phrases that have become somewhat cliché. Here are a few that could use a break:

  1. Anything containing “arose/arosen: The autocorrect gremlins seem to be on a rampage during Easter, so let’s spare ourselves the embarrassment of typos and avoid this word altogether.
  2. He has paid your debt: While it’s a common phrase, using “He” instead of “Jesus” can lead to some confusion. Let’s stick to clearer expressions to avoid any unintentional financial implications.

By being mindful of the messages we send, we can ensure that our Easter greetings are thoughtful and respectful. Let’s spread joy and positivity in ways that resonate with everyone.

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