mummy zee!

Mummy Zee, as you may know her, the benevolent hard working wife who would wake up by four every day to cook for her spouse, her comment and the reactions that followed is an internet experience that will not be forgotten in a hurry. 


Not just because of the clash of differing opinions but also because her ‘benefactors’ will forever remind her of her place and the spot they had in carrying her and her family to the point they are at. 


This act will not be done in a very obvious manner but as long as Debbie (mummy zee) remains on X (twitter) there will always be a man (men were the ones mostly supporting and engaging her earlier antics) who will humble her. 


At the end of the day, the game she plays and her followers play with her are controlled by her and in the real sense of it only she has truly unlocked self-sufficient state of an average man’s ego. Rub it, carefully and it will rise to the occasion, along with their wallets. 


No matter how the story is told, In this context she won. 

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