No gree for anyone (2024 guide)

Waist-up shot of displeased dissatisfied serious-looking dark-skinned girl with curly hairstyle crossing arms on body in stop or prohibition gesture refusing unacceptable offer over gray background. Body language concept

No gree for anyone, this phrase has become a motto for 2024. Maybe it is the way 2024 started on a Monday, proving just how serious this year is going to be. 2024 said better stand on business this year if not business will stand on you. So in case your heart is soft like Semo, here are some tips to help you out.


  •  If someone rejects you, reject their rejection, especially that job you have been eyeing, even if they say no, let them know you will resume on Monday.

Maraji even though meme

  • Go to where they are selling cars and price them, you may look like you cannot afford it, you may NOT be able to afford it but it doesn’t matter.

  • Tell a small church you want to donate ten million, if they ask you when tell them you are standing on business and know the money will come.

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