Bolanle Ninalowo Reveals New Lover After His Marriage Crash

Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo has stepped out on Instagram with a new video revealing himself and his new lover, fellow Nollywood actor Damilola Adegite.

The news took quite a number of people unawares because the actor had just announced the crash of his marriage to his wife of seventeen years and the mother of his two kids.

In his caption, he wrote, “That hateful energy – too pricy! Love don’t cost a thang ????”.

You should trust that this post will create a lot of reactions among netizens. On one end, there are people cheering and encouraging the new relationship. On the other end, others are coming for him for revealing this on social media too soon. And on another extreme end, some suspect him of being the cause of the crash in his marriage.

While we might all have our opinions, at the end of the day, we should understand that relationships are complex. Most of the time, what we see on screens is just a fragment of the full story. The true reality of the situation often lies beyond what we can see.

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