Moremi: The Tallest Statue in Nigeria

The Moremi Statue of Liberty is a towering monument in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria, honoring the revered Queen Moremi Ajasoro. Standing proudly at 42 feet tall, it’s the tallest statue in Nigeria and the fourth tallest in Africa.

This majestic sculpture serves as a beacon of remembrance and admiration for Queen Moremi’s unwavering courage and selflessness.

Queen Moremi, the Yoruba folklore heroine, played a crucial role in saving her people from Igbo invaders. As the wife of Oranmiyan, heir to the Ife King, Moremi displayed remarkable courage. She sought guidance from the Esinmirin deity, vowing to make any sacrifice to save her people.

Captured by the Igbo, Moremi’s beauty captivated their ruler, and she became his queen. Her intelligence earned her the Igbo’s trust, allowing her to observe their military tactics. She discovered that Igbo warriors covered themselves with Ekan grass and bamboo fibers before battle.

With this knowledge, Moremi escaped back to Ife and revealed the Igbo’s secret. Using this information, the Yoruba army defeated the Igbo. Moremi’s selflessness is celebrated through the Edi festival, honoring her sacrifice of her son to the Esimirin deity.

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