Don Jazzy Silence Daniel Regha’s Advice To Adopt A Child

Is it just me? But I hate it when people can’t just mind their business, especially on Twitter. But I don’t blame them. It’s Elon Musk I blame for paying people for engagements because now anybody can say nonsense and still get paid for it.

That’s why someone like Daniel Regha feels it’s okay to come on Twitter and advise Don Jazzy to adopt a child. Daniel himself is not married; he doesn’t have a child, and he thinks he’s in the best position to advise someone to do so.

Take a look at his tweet below:

My issue is, first of all, that a person’s decision to adopt a child should be a personal one and not to meet societal expectations because a child is a gift, not a proof of responsibility.

Second, not everyone wants a child; just like he said, some people don’t fancy marriage; in fact, some married people decide not to give birth to children.

And lastly, who is Daniel in the large scheme of things to advise Don Jazzy to adopt a child? Someone needs to collect his phone; he is doing too much. Like I said earlier, I blame Elon Musk, because the guy will still be paid for the nonsense he has said.

But trust Don Jazzy, he had a perfect response for Daniel

Let’s see:

I mean, what a perfect response! If it is to adopt a child, Daniel, let Don Jazzy adopt you and stop being a nuisance.

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