If Aliens Come to Take Over the World

All good things happen at Lagos so why shouldn’t it start there? If there was an alien invasion, say a strange flying object was spotted in the environs of Lagos State, I know I would; 

  1. Get a piercing and a tattoo, my mother can shout all she wants we will not be alive tomorrow and besides i am preparing my skin for when they start branding us yunno 

2. Drop out; Wallahi if i realise i only have a short time left to live, while will i want to continue under the claws of an unhappy lecturer. Please. Aliens cannot kuku speak english

3. Buy my Benz for my baby. Steal. I meant to steal. It is not like the Benz people need it and even if they try to arrest me I have kuku wanted to experience prison

If I do all of this and the spaceship does ela for me I will bring out the jazz I had gone to collect from babalawo and earlier on and press undo. #sharpgirl

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