A Guide to Outrunning (Japa) Nigerians Odds

Ah, my people! We know how Naija can be, always trying to hold us down. But fear not, my brothers and sisters! I don bring una gbedu  guide to help you run comot from this country with laughter.


Step 1: Master the Art of “Disappearing Hand”

First things first, you gats become a magician! Learn the art of the “Disappearing Hand” trick. When the authorities come near, wave your hand like say you wan greet dem, then vanish like a puff of smoke. Maga go vex!


Step 3: Embrace Okada Skills for Fast Getaway

No time to waste, my people! Hop on an Okada and fly like say you dey chase devil. Make sure you carry your gele tight, so you no go lose am for the wind. Dem go shout, “Ole! Ole!” but you go dey long gone.


Step 4: Use “Area Boy” Tactics

If all else fail, unleash your inner “Area Boy.” Gather your crew and form a barricade, shouting “Ole! Ole!” Scatter dem plans. While dem dey try settle the matter, na you go disappear like mago mago .


But make I tell una true, my people, running away no be the solution to our wahala. Our Naija get wahala, but e get beauty too. Instead, make we unite and fix our country, make am beta for all of us. Na so we go turn Naija into paradise!


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