5 Top hacks for an inexpensive holiday

It’s been a long time no tourism article, but then again rather now than never.

So, are you planning a dream holiday and looking for ways to save up enough bucks just so you could have an unforgettable getaway, then this piece is for you.

Let’s get to it. Below are some of the most tested ways of saving up for your proposed trip. These tips will more than likely help you keep costs down on your ‘tripscapade’, if there’s any word like that. Lol!.

1. Trim down on impulsive buying: Okay, maybe this shouldn’t make the top spot on this list, but one constant thing is that impulsive buying will always be there to ruin on your parade.

So, the best way to beat it is to learn the 15-day rule. This rule ensures that you halt for a split moment whenever you’re about making that purchase, affording you enough time to think about it for the next 15 days and if you still do hanker for it, then you could get it, but paradventure the urge to get that thing dwindles, then perhaps it’s not worth buying to start with. It helps.

2. Book ahead: This one can’t even be over flogged, for those who are firm travel and tour lovers, we all understand the need to make early reservations regarding flight, accommodation and what have you. The idea is that the farther the date of your proposed trip, the cheaper your reservations get, and the closer it is, the more expensive it gets. So whatever you’re doing, ensure to always book ahead.

3. Check for promos and sales: From the airlines to the hotels, to the shops and outlets, you can always look out for various promos and cheap sales available to you before embarking on your holiday or tour. Often times, these travel outfits put up discounted sales, including destinations and destination promoters alike, so you might just have to keep tabs on them to see which to jump on. They’ll save you some penny.

4. Be less fussy when picking a destination: Maybe not for a tourist, but for a casual holiday, you have the luxury of being very flexible about destinations. For instance if you’d prefer an Island themed vacation, Maldives could easily pop in your head. However, considering how expensive it could be, and given you’re being meticulous about spending, you could simply switch your destination to other amazing and less costly options like Mauritius, Zanzibar, Turks and Caicos etc, and you’d end up still having as much fun as you would have in Maldives. It’s called destination flexibility.

5. Talk to Tourism and Travel professionals: These goons have seen it all. They’ve traveled far and wide and they know what time of the year destinations peak and declines, they know what offers are available and no single detail escapes them. So, you really might be doing yourself a world of good consulting them while planning your holiday.

I do hope these bits help, you could drop a word or two in the comment section, let’s know what you think and perhaps how we can help in this regard. 

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