Queen charlootte relevancy in today’s pop culture era

The bridgerton series has just released a spin-off. Queen Charlotte and the audience is loving it! At least for most parts of the audience, there is the population that has no iota of joy in their lives and wants to munch down on all forms of romance but let us put these naysayers to the curb they do not matter. 


Only George lady Danbury and queen charlotte matter and of course Brimsley. Of course, the question of if the stories being retold are historically accurate is a valid one, we have to ask ourselves,  before we drop these think pieces, does it matter?


Does it matter if the original queen was a left-handed person and the one used is right, does it?

As much as I hate to admit it,  it does. 

It does matter how we retell stories that have been passed down so we ensure the pieces are lost to history. 


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