Queen Charlotte: A Brigderton Story Review

Last week, Netflix premiered “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” and it has been receiving well-deserved praise for its creator, Shonda Rhimes. The series is an adaptation of Julia Quinn’s book and tells the story of King George III and Queen Charlotte’s epic love, as well as the obstacles they faced when the king’s mental health deteriorated. The show is set during the late 18th century and delves into the social and political dynamics of the era.

We all know to make a successful movie, the casting has to be top-notch and “Queen Charlotte” certainly had that. I absolutely loved the casting for young Queen Charlotte and Lady Danbury. India Amarteifio’s portrayal of present-day Queen Charlotte was exceptional and really brought the character to life. Arsema Adeoluwayemi Thomas also gave a superb performance as young Lady Danbury, displaying the strength and charisma that the role required.

One of my favorite scenes was when George apologized to Charlotte for her marriage to a “half man, half king”, and Charlotte’s response of “then we better be the best half there is”. This moment showcased Charlotte’s resilience and strength of character.

Overall, “Queen Charlotte” is a well-crafted period drama with excellent casting choices. The attention to detail in bringing the story to life on screen was evident and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a captivating historical drama. It’s no wonder that it trended on social media for days after its premiere.

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