Movie Review: Gangs Of Lagos

“Gangs of Lagos” is currently streaming on Prime Video. I’ve watched it and I tell you for a fact, it was intense, gripping, and captivating. From the storyline to the cinematography, and the cast, the movie is nothing short of outstanding.

Produced and directed by Jade Osiberu the movie is about three children raised and trying to survive in Isale Eko, where rival gangs engage in violent power struggles, loyalties are tested, people are willing to commit murder and violence in their pursuit of power while a single family maintains control over Lagos for two decades in a supposedly democratic system.

Let me talk about the cast for a minute – they were phenomenal! From Tobi Bakre to Bimbo Ademoye, Adesua Etomi, Chioma Akpotha, Tayo Faniran and Rotimi Fakunle, every actor brought their A-game and gave life to their characters.

Tobi Bakre was the real star for me – he totally deserves all the flowers for his incredible portrayal of emotions, I mean did you see that scene he had to confront Teni with her father’s tyrannical behaviour, I had goose bumps watching. The child actors in the movie especially Obalola were fantastic and contributed to the overall excellence of the film.

Despite being a great movie, I do have a couple of minor critiques. Firstly, I felt that the action scenes could have been toned down a bit. Additionally, while we got to know the backstories of characters like Ify and Obalola, I wish we had more information about Gift, as it would have helped us understand her character better.

Overall, Jade Osiberu totally outdid herself with this one, and I’m absolutely here for all the awards it’s going to get!



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