“In the Street of Èkó is a musical masterpiece of my recent experiences” – Deola Taylor

The Nigerian music sensation and afro sound crusader, Deola Taylor, in an exclusive chat with Gleetz Magazine gave the brief of what his fans should expect in his new EP titled “In the Street of Èkó”. Deola Taylor explained that the EP has a story to tell coming and has also declared himself as the ‘OBA ORIN….IDÁN ORIN…OLÓHÙN IYÒ’. Here is some of the extracts from the interview.

Tell about your sojourn in music.

I was exposed to lots of music through my environment and my family. My journey into music was bound to happen, I’d just say. But I got a lot of influence from my elder brother who was a member of a singing group that I later joined as a back-up singer. My late father also loves to play drums and that influenced me too.

What inspired you to create “In the streets of Èkó”?

Hmmmm…. Let’s just say “In The Street Of Èkó” is the summary of my most recent experiences and life lessons on my journey on the road as an underground artist. All thanks to the father of creation and everyone supporting from day one, especially from home!. Life is full of experiences and events. So of course some of my life experiences would always contribute to the creation of my music and records.

What message or theme do you hope your listeners will take away from “in the streets of Eko”?

Hmmmmm….. I try to pass across few messages on the EP but I think the dominant should be ; TO PAY ATTENTION TO OUR NATIVE KNOWLEDGE AND BEING. We can’t witness real progress if we continue to view our lives through another man’s lens.  And of course a clear message to reinstate my revered  position as the ‘OBA ORIN….IDÁN ORIN…OLÓHÙN IYÒ’ of my era! “

Which track on the EP is your favorite and why?

I don’t think I have a favorite one. I don’t have a favorite of any of my songs.

How is this EP similar and different from your previous works?

I don’t think I’m the best person to answer this question. (Chuckles). I just make the music and move on… Let’s leave the people to decide that.

How did you come to work with Kaytunz and what was the process like in producing, mixing and mastering the EP?

Korede (Kaytunz) is a young talented brother from Ondo. We met some years back and been keeping touch once in a while until recently that the time and opportunity showed up to work together and the process was smooth and cool. In the Street of Èkó will be released on all streaming platforms.


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