Nigeria Decides: Do you even know how to vote?

As the 2023 General Election approaches, it is critical to inform citizens aged 18 and up about the voting process. It is your civic duty as a Nigerian citizen to participate in the election of our leaders. This is what elections are all about, and elections cannot take place without voters.

Here are some things you should note about voting;
1. When you arrive at the polling station, join the line and present yourself to an INEC official.

2. Using the smart card reader, the official will request your PVC to confirm that your card is genuine and your details are correct.

3. The next official (APO11) will ask for your PVC to confirm that your name and details are on the voters’ register. Your name will be crossed out and your PVC will be returned to you. He or she will then apply indelible ink to the cuticle of your appropriate voting finger to demonstrate that you have been accredited to vote in that election. (If your name is not found on the register, you will not be allowed to vote).


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