5 Countries That Do Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is being celebrated across the world as a day to share love, and gifts among lovers, friends and family. So many events are organized amongst people to celebrate this day.

As popular and widely accepted as this day is, some countries have refused to join in the celebration of Valentine’s Day based on religious and cultural ideologies.

These Countries include:

  1. Russia

Although not technically banned, Russians do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, rather they celebrate the indomitable spirit of their women on the 8th of March every year by giving gifts to girls and women, regardless of age.

  1. Malaysia

Being an Islamic country, the authorities decided in 2005 that Valentine’s Day will no longer be celebrated. The authorities claimed that the day was causing moral decadence among the young people. In a bid to enforce this, a fatwa was issued where people who celebrate risk being arrested.

  1. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is also an Islamic Asian country. The country celebrated Valentine’s Day until 2012 when the Ministry of Education’s Department of Enlightenment and the Promotion of Values decided to put ban it.  Uzbeks are urged to celebrate the birthday of an Uzbekistan hero – Babur in place of Valentine.

  1. Iran

In 2010, Iran banned Valentine’s Day, according to the government it is a decadent celebration of love that promotes “degenerate” Western culture and illegitimate relationships.

  1. Pakistan

In Pakistan, valentine’s day is seen as against the teachings of Islam, hence celebrations are banned.

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