BB Titans: Everything you should know

It is a new week, and events of the Saturday night party and the eviction have faded into the background for a lot of bb titans housemates, but surely not for us the viewers, let us do a quick recap of how the entire week went!

At first, I assumed it was pure paranoia that Yemi was exhibiting, given that Khosi had declared many times how she didn’t like him always around Blue and even threatened him this week to choose her or else…

Pause for dramatic effect, but one thing Yemi has not failed to keep yapping about is her closeness with Thabang, Marvin, unfortunately, bares the full brunt of these rants but Khosi_ come on now, Yes we understand playing the game and doing your thing around the house, but if you’re going to call someone your sibling, the least you can do is keep your feelings for them hidden and avoid kissing them.

But that aside, rumor has it that the LGBT community has camped in the house, a housemate did confess at the beginning of the show that she was bisexual, but we thought that would be it, On Saturday night, two female Big Brother Titans housemates were caught kissing. Nana and Nelisa, the housemates, kissed after the Saturday night party.

It only gets hotter from here.






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