Books that should make your shelf this year

What’s your reading list like for the year?

It’s a new year, and it totally makes a lot of sense if we’re already settling in as though nothing has changed. In truth, nothing has really changed, perhaps just the figures of the year. However, one thing that should probably change is your reading list for the year.

You don’t understand, do you? I’ll explain.

For those who are keen about books and their effects, every year opens up with a chance to fetch new books that will shapen and sharpen them up all year long_ I mean, books of immense quality, inspiration and motivation.

Below are some of the top books to read this year;

1. An African Abroad: Authored by Olabisi Ajala_ an African abroad is one of the most perfect book you’ll ever read this year, considering it’s japa season. It’s a book about the wild, hilarious and intriguing adventures experienced during a trip. Well, enough of the synopsis, just get it.

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2. The Power of letting go: This particular one by John Purkiss isn’t exactly for everyone, but if you’re like me and you care so much about health, fitness and wellness, then you should cop it.

3. The Strength in our scars: A very lovely one, and especially for poetry lovers. The lines, the delivery, the entire book is just exciting. Get this one this year too.

4. Fluent in three months: This one is for those who are keen on putting in the work into learning a new language. Personally I sort of like the fact that Benny Lewis taught the dusty methods of learning any language in this book. I think you should get it too_if you can.

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